Perfect emergence with larger clods set up on the rills by the unique design of the PeterpoinT wings

Seed is approx 50mm below surface even though seed is 120 mm below paddock surface

5.52 t/ha in a drought year.Our Long term average is 2.2 t/ha — at Echo Hills.

This photo in early October from the harvester cab is the same place different angle — at Echo Hills.

This photo is taken in August at exactly the same place the first photo is — at Echo Hills.

This photo was taken 14 days after planting before any rain fell — at Echo Hills.

This shows how deep we went (that pen is 125 mm long) — at Echo Hills.

Crop was so good it could hold up a wooden handled Aluminium grain shovel — at Echo Hills.

This photo was taken the day we had 20 mm rain in late May. This was the rain the rest of our district planted on making them very late. —…

Following planting some clods were as big as my hat — at Echo Hills.

Spectacular results from PeterpoinT. Wheat fully emerged 10 days after planting down 125 mm to moisture in this particular paddock.

The real magic of PeterpoinT. Crop up and established 7 days after planting. 60 days after rain.