What is the outstanding feature of the PeterpoinT ?

The PeterpoinT is designed to place the seed in a trench with approximately 40 – 50 mm of soil over it, no matter what depth the point is put into the ground. This importantly gives quick even establishment of most crops.

Seedbed / Furrow in  moisture seeking conditions

What conditions can the PeterpoinT be used in?

It works equally well in both wet soils at 50 mm Or for deep sowing down to 150 mm + when moisture seeking in dry soils.

Why is the PeterpoinT reversible ?

So it can be used in a wide range of soils and or conditions to optimum effect.

Deep sowing Wheat at 12 km/h

What speed can the PeterpoinT operate at ?

Any conventional planting speed preferably between
8 and 12 km/h.

What about when Deep sowing?

Due to the unique design of the PeterpoinT you plant at the same speed as normal.

Wheat 14 days after Deep sowing

Are there any special requirements such as tyne breakout?

The PeterpoinT can be fitted via adaptors to virtually any tyned implement from cultivators to chisel ploughs.


Are presswheels necessary?

They will work without them but are ideally setup with 50 mm presswheels to get optimum results.


What condition will the PeterpoinT leave the soil surface in?

The soil will be left in furrows that are larger the deeper you sow. These furrows funnel small falls of rain to the plant row as well as protect newly emerged seedlings from excess wind heat and cold